Editor login landing page

Here's some useful information for you to have to hand when editing the website.

Note: If you're here to edit the website and this is your first time trying to access the system, the Digital Experience Team will have been notified from your visit to this page and they will be in touch.

Uploading images and files: Asset numbers

  • Images folder (asset number: 36126)
  • Files folder (asset: 36955)

Useful links to familiarise yourself with

Checklist of things to remember

  1. Accessing a page - find the page you want to edit, then add '/_edit' to the end of the URL to gain access and edit it.
  2. Safe edit - always put the page into 'Safe Edit' before you make changes. Once you are happy with the final changes, change the status to 'Apply for Approval’ (details tab) so this can be submitted to workflow to be set ‘Live’.
  3. Save as you go along – do this by clicking the green button in the top right corner.
  4. Adding a new asset (e.g. image, webpage) - Click the 'New+' button in the top left corner. Fill out the required fields and select on the structure where you want the asset to live - remember, all images have to live in the 'Images' folder and ‘Show in navigation’ should be set to ‘No’.
  5. Page name – this is what will show on the webpage as the title (details tab). This will be a H1 Header.
  6. Hero banners – These need to be added to the ‘metadata’ tab. The banner display should be set to ‘Yes’. You will need to upload a desktop hero banner and a mobile hero banner which are different sizes (refer to Image and Sizing link provided above).
  7. Paint brush tool - when copying and pasting text, always clear the formatting by using the Paint Brush tool.
  8. Headings - H2, H3, H4 are used as signposts telling the user what information belongs to what section. e.g. Heading = H2, subheading within that heading = H3. Normal text should be 'P'. Never use H1 on the page, as the title is already H1.
  9. Hyperlinks - highlight the text, click the link icon that appears. Link by asset number to another page on the website. If you want to link to an external page you can link by URL. Once you have put in the asset number/ URL into the 'URL' field, click insert link which will underline it and make it blue to show it is linked. Never label your hyperlinks 'Click here', hyperlinks should always have context for accessibility reasons. To break a link, click the broken link icon.
  10. Once you are finished using Matrix 6, log out (top right corner).