Donation of vital health and medical supplies

University of Hertfordshire has provided a donation of vital health and medical supplies to Hertfordshire County Council. Among the donations are an NHS standard ventilator and associated equipment to enable a hospital to treat a critical COVID-19 patient in an ICU bed. The donation also includes surgical gloves, masks and other critical personal protective equipment (PPE) which are in short supply.

The donations come from across the University, including from its Postgraduate Medical School, School of Life and Medical Science, School of Health and Social Work, School of Creative Arts and Occupational Health and Safety.

Like the whole country, we’ve been urgently looking at how we can further support frontline teams under pressure due to COVID-19. Our teaching equipment could make a real difference to Hertfordshire County Council’s COVID-19 preparations and we decided to take action. Our teams have worked hard to provide this donation and I’m delighted with their efforts.

Professor Quintin McKellar CBE

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hertfordshire