Tomi Ojo

Meet Tomi Ojo, who has been exploring her career opportunities and learning new skills since graduating. Tomi works at Film London as their Equal Access Network Programme Coordinator.

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Current job roleSenior Programme Coordinator - Youth Media
Year of graduation2017
Course of studyBA (Hons) Photography
Tomi Ojo

University experience and opportunities

Tomi took advantage of all of the opportunities that were available to her, both inside and outside of her course. She says, 'The University gave me the chance to develop my public speaking skills, both on my course but mainly whilst being a Student Ambassador. I led a lot of the accommodation tours on College Lane and De Havilland campuses, which was a huge confidence booster.'

Tomi had a great time at the University and says, 'My degree was all coursework based which worked well for me as exams had always made me feel uneasy. My course mates were very supportive. I thoroughly enjoyed working and collaborating together on projects. The loan store was also super useful as they provided free photographic equipment for us to use for the duration of the course.'

She encourages future and current students to make the most of what the University has to offer. She says, 'Don't be scared if you're going on your own. Make use of your time inside and outside of your course. Join clubs and make new friends. As a photography student, be open to criticism and other people's creative ideas. Not everyone sees your vision and that's okay as there's always room for improvement!'

Future aspirations

Tomi is determined to continue to develop in her role and possibly take her next steps to work on London-based productions. She says, 'I love my job and I hope to expand further within the film and TV industry. One day I’d love to work on-set and experience how a production is made.’