Stephanie Sofia

  • Current role: Marketing Manager
  • Year of graduation: 2016
  • Degree course: BA (Hons) Mass Communications with Study Abroad Year
'The best thing about my course was the diversity of the topics covered, which have all proved relevant and important. There was also a lot of opportunities to network and build industry connections.'

We asked Stephanie..

What is your current role and how did you get to this point in your career?

I am a Marketing and Office Manager at a leadership and development training company. I completed my Mass Communications degree with first class honours and went straight into looking for a job in the communications field.

How did your studies at the University of Hertfordshire help shape your career?

My course allowed me to do a variety of modules which has allowed me to gain a wide range of different skills. For example, my Design for Print module taught me the principles of good design and how to use Adobe software, which I use almost every day at work for promotional material. The campaigns and advertising modules were also key to my learning and current career.

What made you decide to study at this University?

The opportunity to study abroad that was included in the Mass Communications programme really made me want to study at the University. It was also the only course I found that allowed me to study a range of different modules in different fields.

What was the best or most useful thing about your course?

I was allowed to have a lot of creative independence.

What is your stand-out memory from your time at the University?

The people I met helped make so many amazing memories at Hertfordshire it's hard to pick. It was also amazing getting a First Class Honours degree.

Are you still in contact with friends you met at the University of Hertfordshire?

I am still in contact with the friends I met at university, both on my course and in my wider circle of friends.

What advice would you give your younger self if you were starting at the University tomorrow?

I would tell myself to ask for support when you need it as lecturers are there to help and guide you!

Do you have any advice for University of Hertfordshire graduates who are considering a career in your industry?

I would tell graduates to see your assignments as future work to show potential employers. It's also important to try and get some experience in what you'd like to do and definitely study abroad if you can!

What are your future career plans / ambitions?

I am unsure what the future holds but it will definitely be in marketing.