Robin McGovern

Meet Robin McGovern who has worked as an audio tester on some amazing projects since graduating, like Jurassic World for Frontier Developments. Robin is currently working as an Audio Designer for Ubisoft.

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Current job roleJunior Audio Designer
Year of graduation2016
Course of studyBSc (Hons) Music Composition and Technology for Films and Games
Robin McGovern headshot

University experience and opportunities

Robin ascribes a lot of his career success to the skills he learnt throughout his studies. He says, 'My studies provided me with the skills and ability to be able to recognise and create high quality audio. Straight after finishing my studies I got a job at Frontier Developments as an Audio Tester, working on Jurassic world and Elite dangerous. I was then promoted to Audio Test Engineer, at which point Ubisoft contacted me asking if I was interested in a job audio testing with them.'

Robin speaks fondly of the University of Hertfordshire and how his studies helped him develop professionally. He says, 'The University had a great reputation for it’s facilities, particularly audio and animation. My course helped me to develop my work ethic and creative voice. I really learnt how to work hard, to make my own work, that I loved.'

However, Robin does stress that hard work is important and that students should take advantage of the opportunities given to them during their studies. He says 'Work doesn’t get done by not doing it. Though this is blatantly obvious, if I had really known what this meant when I started everything would have been far easier.'

Aspirations for the future

Still wanting to develop himself further, Robin is looking to progress within Audio Design for games. He notes, 'One day I would love to work on the audio of a feature-length film.'