Punteha Van Terheyden

Meet Punteha Van Terheyden who was inspired by our staff to pursue a career in feature writing. Punteha now owns vT Features where she works as a true-life journalist and media consultant.

Read more stories BA (Hons) English Language and Journalism
Current job rolevT Features' Owner
Year of graduation2007
Course of studyBA(Hons) English Language and Journalism

University life and experience

Punteha chose to study at Herts because we offered the course she wanted, and our location meant she could stay close to home. She valued being taught by our team of talented journalists. Punteha can still recall the life-changing moment when one inspired her to focus her efforts on feature writing. In between writing, Punteha had the opportunity to film a documentary; a standout memory from her time with us.

Career progression

Punteha began her career as a feature writer for a regional news agency providing stories to the national press publications. She progressed to become the commissioning editor of Take a Break magazine. After eight years she became the owner of vT Features, sourcing and selling engaging stories to the national press. Punteha continues to work as a journalist, editor and media consultant.

When asked for any tips and advice for graduates wanting to break into journalism, her determination shines through 'If you want a career in journalism, go out and get it - don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Somebody gets that job on the magazine or newspaper, or TV channel. There is no reason it can’t be you'.  Today, Punteha is still passionate about writing and her ambition is to expand her features agency.