Opeyemi Ajewole

Meet Opeyemi. Opeyemi’s passion for business analytics and consultancy was driven by working for his family’s business. After completing his MSc in 2022, he returned to Herts as a Visiting Lecturer.

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Current job roleVisiting Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire
Year of graduation2022
Course of studyMSc Business Analytics and Consultancy
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From the family business to postgraduate study

Opeyemi’s passion for business analytics and consultancy was nurtured at a young age working for his family’s business in Nigeria. As Opeyemi explains, ‘I discovered that I enjoy using data to make informed decisions and to solve business problems. I also thrive leading projects and collaborating with stakeholders to translate their goals into actionable targets.’

He wanted to build on this passion by completing a postgraduate degree and was offered a place to study by three UK universities. What attracted Opeyemi to Herts was the University’s ‘reputation for academic excellence, as well as its high-quality teaching and research’. During a visit to campus, he was blown away by the University’s ‘supportive and inclusive culture’ and its modern, well-equipped facilities.

Cherished memories

Opeyemi says that he will keep the memories he made at Herts with him forever. He says, ‘I remember spending time with coursemates in the Learning Resource Centre (LRC), where we would share stories, laugh, and support each other’s academic and professional growth. It was always a positive learning environment.

‘My most cherished memory though was graduation. I felt overwhelmed with happiness and pride when I walked across the stage to receive my degree. I remember reflecting on how I got there at the time, it was a moment that came at the culmination of all my hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Seeing family and friends cheer me on made it even more special. I will never forget it.’

Sharing his knowledge with the next generation

After graduating, Opeyemi returned to Herts as a Visiting Lecturer where he is preparing students for future success. He says, ‘I’m eager to gain as much experience as I can at Herts. My long-term ambition is to start my own consultancy business, as I would love to choose my own clients, set my own rates, and build a team of talented and passionate consultants around me.’

Opeyemi’s advice to current and future Herts students is to remain dedicated to their studies throughout their time at university. He adds, ‘Make sure you use the resources on Hertfordshire Business School’s Centre for Academic Skills Enhancement hub and take advantage of networking opportunities with other cohorts and tutors. At Herts, you can establish valuable relationships you will rely on throughout your professional life.’