Lulu Davis

Meet Lulu Davis who started her own business, Incendia Music, while studying at university. Since graduating, she has grown it organically and now works with international clients across the rock and heavy metal spectrum.

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Current job roleOwner of Incendia Music
Year of graduation2013
Course of studyBA(Hons) Music and Entertainment Industry Management
Lulu Davis

University life and experience

Before starting university, Lulu had always had a passion for music, so she knew that the University of Hertfordshire was the right place for her to study straight away. Lulu says that she knew that her course, and the opportunities it offered, would enable her to succeed in this challenging industry. She adds that being ‘taught by lecturers who were active within the music industry’ inspired her.

She says, her degree ‘provided the educational knowledge I needed to create a foundation for a career in the music business. By being taught various modules that would later become paramount to my company's success; having the knowledge of marketing, publishing, law for instance, has definitely helped me navigate my way through a challenging industry.’

Not only did her degree give her the knowledge to succeed, but the experience. Throughout her studies Lulu, gained valuable industry experience through internships which put her in a great position after graduation. She even started her current business, Icendia Music, on a freelance basis while in second year.

Future aspirations

Since graduating, Lulu has grown her business organically. The company is now a ‘team of three, have an office and work international clients across the rock and heavy metal spectrum.’ In the future, she wants to grow her business further and to make a lasting impact on the rock and metal industry across the World.