Louise Thomas

Meet Louise. Her study abroad experience inspired her to become a teacher in Korea.

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Current job roleTeacher in Korea
Year of graduation2020
Course of studyBA (Hons) Mass Communications
A selfie of Louise Thomas

A global student experience

Louise studied in Singapore as part of her study aboard programme. She says, ‘This was a highlight of my studies at Herts. It was such a great opportunity, and if it wasn’t for my time spent aboard, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to move to Korea. Studying aboard also improved my work ethic and I found that I was a lot more organised and productive during my final year as a result.’

On campus, Louise enjoyed the library facilities and says, ‘I commuted to Herts and the LRC was the place that I studied, completed group work, and assignments. I wanted to make use of all the time that I had on campus, so the library was where I got everything done.’

Life after Herts

‘During my degree I spent time travelling and I knew I wanted to explore more of the world, so I decided to move to Korea.

‘Initially I was unsure about going into teaching, but I have discovered that it’s something I really enjoy, and I’m good at it. My course was so broad, and it has helped me become a good teacher. I use my creative skills to plan lessons, and I get the children involved with editing their own professional videos.’

Advice for prospective students

‘Don’t leave studying until later – do it now! Mass Communications is good course that gives you a lot of opportunities, and if you have any problems, you can always talk to the lecturers. Everyone is really friendly, and they are always there to help you.’