Leroy Lawrence

Meet Leroy whose creative arts degree opened an unexpected door into the stock market.  He is now a CEO of Quadron Capital.

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Current job roleCEO
Year of graduation2004
Course of studyBA (Hons) Music Technology

University experience

When Leroy first made his university choices, he was passionate about music. The University of Hertfordshire was one of the few institutions to offer Music Technology and after hearing recommendations, he decided to join the programme. Leroy enjoyed studying a specialist subject with a range of interesting modules including those in physics and digital media. He gained expert skills in communication and mathematics.  It was a time for discovery, and it became clear to Leroy that he was as much of a natural in business as he was in music.

Career progression

After Leroy graduated, he decided to re-focus his passion towards the financial services sector.  His transferable skills in music technology created the perfect skill base. They gave him the aptitude to develop financial algorithms and use digital technology for marketing. Leroy started his career as a stockbroker before becoming the managing director of a London stockbrokers. He then progressed to a CEO of a Swiss investment bank. Leroy is currently a CEO of Quadron Capital, who create automated algorithms for hedge funds and asset managers.