Ismael Ortiz

Meet Ismael. Ismael says that studying at Herts opened his eyes to new opportunities within music composition, and he is now working as a Sound Designer and Implementer for Zimmer Audio Production.

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Current jobSound Designer and Implementer for Zimmer Audio Production
Year of graduation2022
Course of studyBSc (Hons) Music Composition and Sound for Film and Games
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Learning with friends

Ismael wanted a strong introduction to game audio and middleware, and he felt the BSc (Hons) Music Composition and Technology for Film and Games course at Herts offered just that. He says, ‘The time I spent in the music labs was amazing. I was able to be there with friends, learning and sharing different techniques and helping each other with projects.’

Ismael lived in Nottingham during his studies, which he admits was a long commute but believes it was ‘well worth it’. Despite commuting, he made many friends at Herts and kept in touch with them. He says, ‘I catch up online with my coursemates when I can, and I even had the opportunity to collaborate with some at the company I work for.’

Pushing the boundaries of sound design

Ismael is now a Sound Designer and Implementer for Zimmer Audio Production. He admits that when he started his course, he hadn’t seen himself making ‘sounds’. He saw himself as a music composer, and that’s all he wanted to do. However, Ismael says, ‘When we studied sound design, we had to create sound effects, music, and voiceovers, and implement all the audio for one of our modules. I had so much fun doing it. There were also more opportunities for sound designers than composers.

‘I’ve worked in my dream job for several years now, and one day, I would like to create my own audio team. I want to be able to develop their skills and help them achieve their ambitions whilst working on projects that allow us to push audio in new, innovative directions.'

His advice

Ismael studied at Herts as a mature student, which he believes gave him a different outlook from his peers. ‘I saw everyone as a potential co-worker. You’ll never know where you’ll land or who can open a door for you. Treat everyone with respect and be helpful to your colleagues where you can.

‘If you want to work in the video game industry, my tip would be not to stress too much about your grades. If the opportunity arrives, take part in as many game jams as you can. This will show employers that you are passionate about game development and that you know how to work well with other people.

‘Also, if you are building your showreel, try not to rely too much on the work you did during your course. Try and include stuff you did outside of your studies, as this will help you stand out.’