Isio Orogun

Meet Isio. Isio's drive to help people led her to the BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging course at Herts. She is now a Senior Radiographer in the NHS, with ambitions to become a Sonographer.

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Current jobSenior Radiographer
Year of graduation2021
Course of studyBSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging
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An enriching job

Isio’s drive to help people led her to the BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging course at Herts. She says, ‘Radiography has the perfect balance between providing patient care and using jaw-dropping technology. I enjoy working alongside doctors and nurses to get to the root of a patient’s illness or symptoms, and I find the job enriching.’

Herts is not too far from London, where Isio lives, but far enough away from home that she could get the full university experience. ‘Herts has amazing nightlife, and the campuses are modern, with lots of activities and fun things to do there.’

Isio came to Herts on our Performance Sport Programme scholarship. She is a sprinter who competes in 100m and 200m at a county level, and she has also been a national champion in 200m.

Isio’s favourite memories

One of Isio’s favourite memories from her time at Herts is when she hosted a Christmas dinner and games night with friends in her campus accommodation. Isio says, ‘We all cooked different things and feasted over a few nights before we all went home for Christmas. The vibes were great, the music was great, and we got into a few heated arguments during the games. All in good fun!

‘During our degree, we would often reserve rooms in the library and study together for hours. We would then treat ourselves to dinner in the Galleria. If we had a good study session, we might have even treated ourselves to a movie in the cinema.’

Her next steps and advice

Isio is now a Senior Radiographer in the NHS. She believes her time at Herts prepared her well, as she went on placement during her course to large hospitals that allowed her to expand her knowledge of healthcare. She also took part in several group projects at Herts involving different disciplines, such as nursing, paramedic science, and midwifery.

Isio says, ‘After a few years developing my skills in the NHS, I’d like to do a postgraduate course and become a Sonographer, where I can do ultrasound scans.

‘My advice to current and future Herts students is to enjoy being a student while it lasts. Make sure you balance your academic studies with other parts of life. Your studies are crucial, but make time to socialise, relax, and look after yourself. And don’t hesitate to seek support or delegate tasks if you start to feel overwhelmed.

‘I’d also recommend attending events, seminars, and workshops outside your area of study. Networking with professionals and engaging with the broader academic community can enrich your university experience and help you secure a job.’