Fred Post

MSc Environmental Management for Business, 2011
Manager, Environment Control
Essar Steel Algoma, Canada

Choosing Hertfordshire

Fred PostFred Post chose to study at the University of Hertfordshire as a post graduate, as he felt his previous work experience and academic studies had not provided him with the complete range of knowledge and skills required in his field of work.

He was particularly drawn to the course description, which covered areas in which he specifically wished to improve his knowledge. His decision to choose the course at Hertfordshire, bore out.

"By undertaking the MSC in Environmental Management for Business, I broadened my range of understanding of environmental issues, processes, management systems and techniques."

Career path

After attaining a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Guelph, Fred took a position within the Canadian steel sector in as an environmental analyst. Over five years he expanded the company's scope of work to cover a broad range of environmental responsibility right across Canada.

Following his second degree at the University of Hertfordshire, he had the skills and experience to successfully apply for his current role, as Manager, Environment Control, for an integrated iron and steel manufacturing facility in Canada.

Sustainability and viability

Fred's main function in his current role is to ensure compliance with all environmental regulatory requirements for the company's multiple sites.  More specifically, he manages activities related to environmental permitting, monitoring, reporting and project work associated with air and noise emissions, effluent discharges, groundwater, landfills, contaminated sites and abandoned mines.

Future plans

Fred feels his course at the University of Hertfordshire was enormously beneficial in a number of ways.

"The course increased my understanding of the complex problems that arise in my industry, and provided me with the tools to manage those problems. My supervisor at Hertfordshire also helped me become a more critical thinker. Additionally I learned from the diverse perspectives of my classmates that different viewpoints are always beneficial in helping to see the bigger picture".

Looking to the future, Fred hopes to build on his current role responsibilities either at his current company or with another. His career aim is to continue to improve environmental performance and reduce environmental impact, whilst ensuring the business remains economically viable.

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