Fidelis Odok

Meet Fidelis. Fidelis has had a lifelong passion for electronics and with support from Herts, he has been able to grow his own business.

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Current job roleSoftware/Automation Engineer at Idroneimages ltd, Co-Founder of WattFlow
Year of graduation2023
Course of studyMSc Electronics Engineering
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Fascinated by electronics

Fidelis was fascinated by electronics as a child. He was ‘captivated’ by the movements and sounds his toys made, and he wanted to find out how they worked. As he got older, he discovered how electronic systems aided in societal development and growth, which led to him completing a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering.

Fidelis says, ‘Technology has advanced rapidly, even in the last few years. We have seen developments in artificial intelligence and virtual reality, and electronic systems are at the heart of these changes. This drove me to learn more, and I enrolled on the MSc Electronics Engineering programme at Herts.’

Fidelis came to Herts from Nigeria and was impressed by our STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) facilities and the support available to young entrepreneurs. Fidelis adds, ‘Herts has a diverse community too, which creates an exciting learning environment that drives ideas.’

Winning a Flare award

Some of Fidelis’ favourite experiences at Herts were when he spent time in the engineering labs, where he was able to use equipment seen in industry. Fidelis also took part in the Flare 2023 competition, where he won two awards – Entrepreneur of the Year and the Engineers in Business Fellowship – and funding to help grow his business WattFlow. WattFlow creates low-cost energy devices and AI-powered battery management systems that help make clean energy affordable and accessible.

One of Fidelis’ proudest moments at Herts was delivering a speech at graduation, where he was able to congratulate his peers on their achievements.

His advice

Fidelis credits much of where he is now to what he learnt at Herts. He says, ‘Being taught about digital signal processing and printed circuit board design has influenced my work directly.

‘My advice to current students is to connect with people. Sharing experiences will allow you to better understand the challenges people face and will help you find solutions to problems.’