Elizaveta Zaskalko

  • Current role: Associate Market Manager
  • Year of graduation: 2016
  • Degree course: BA Tourism Management with French

Elizaveta ZaskalkoHaving work experience is so important nowadays. My placement year was very challenging but it was one of the most useful experiences I have had so far.

We asked Elizaveta...

What is your current role and how did you get to this point in your career?

My current role in Expedia is Associate Market Manager in the Join Expedia Team (JET) and I am focusing on acquiring new hotels in Kent. I started in Expedia straight after graduating. My first role here was Market Associate in the Account management team, but after just over a year I decided to step out of my comfort zone and apply for a promotion in the expanding JET team.

How did your studies at the University of Hertfordshire help shape your career?

When I just started my studies, I knew I wanted to work in the tourism industry, but had no idea which part of it. As I progressed, I learned about so many different branches of the industry and it really helped me to narrow it down to the one I actually really enjoyed.

What made you decide to study at this University?

The location of the University and the opportunity to continue studying languages were the two key factors for me since I have always been passionate about languages, so this was very important to me. Another important factor was being able to do an industry placement year, as it is very hard to get a job without work experience nowadays.

What was the best or most useful thing about your course?

The best thing about my course is that it really prepared us for the working world. The Tourism Management course had a huge focus on the employability, which I think was incredibly useful. Coming out of University I knew where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do and how to achieve it. I was never scared of the interviews as I was always confident that not only did I know the theory, I could also put it into practice.

What is your stand-out memory from your time at the University?

Definitely graduation. By the time I was graduating I was already working full time for nearly two months and hearing my name and knowing that all the hard work paid off was just the best feeling.

Are you still in contact with friends you met at the University of Hertfordshire?

Yes, of course! I still regularly meet with some of my friends I made while I was apart of our University cheerleading team. I think some of the friends I made at University will be my friends for life.

What advice would you give your younger self if you were starting at the University tomorrow?

Work hard from the very beginning and keep your options open. I had a bit of a lazy year in my second year of University and as a result of that I had to work twice as hard in my final year, which was already stressful without adding the extra pressures.

Do you have any advice for University of Hertfordshire graduates who are considering a career in your industry?

Definitely do a placement year! Having work experience is so important nowadays. My placement year was very challenging but it was one of the most useful experiences I have had so far.

What are your future career plans/ ambitions?

I absolutely love working for Expedia and I'm planning to develop my career within the company. I am hoping to stay in the Market Management department, however, there are many opportunities in other branches of the company that I might like to explore in the future.

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