Dr Ahmed Ameer MRPharmS

Meet Dr Ahmed Ameer who has put his research into practice since graduating in 2015. He currently works as a Medication Officer and lecturers at the University of Hertfordshire.

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Current job roleMedication Safety Officer and Senior Lecturer
Year of graduation2010 / 2015
Course of study

MPharm Pharmacy

PhD Pharmacy
Ahmed Ameer

Pharmacy career routes

After completing his pre-registration year in 2011, making him a fully qualified pharmacist, Ahmed Ameer decided that he was interested in exploring other career routes within pharmacy. Whilst also practicing in community pharmacy, Ahmed undertook a PhD with the University of Hertfordshire and Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), examining medication administrative error in Paediatric Intensive Care Units.

He says, ‘I was keen to preserve my role as a pharmacist, which is why I continued to practice throughout my PhD, but I was also interested in exploring other routes, such as lecturing. I wanted to investigate other fields.’ He adds, ‘Patient safety was something that stood out to me as having practical benefits.’

Putting patients first

Ahmed’s PhD focused on intervention to stop errors relating to medication administration, having real-world applications for pharmacists, as well as other healthcare professionals including nurses and doctors.

He says, ‘Undertaking a PhD is essentially about identifying a problem which needs to be solved, and my focus was on stopping medication errors taking place. I wanted the outcome of my research to be practical and not just theory based, so that I can help to influence medical practice to change and become better.’

This area has led him to become a Medication Safety Officer within NHS England. In his role, Ahmed forms part of a network of medical practitioners who look at improving the reporting of medication errors and medical device incidents and learning from them.

'It is really satisfying being able to see my research in practice, and to know that the work I do helps improve patients’ recovery and experiences. I have always wanted to have a positive impact upon patients, and this role enables me to achieve it.'

Standing out from the crowd

With thousands of newly-qualified pharmacists graduating every year, Ahmed stresses the importance of standing out.

'With so many qualified pharmacists, new graduates need to shine. I would recommend taking up every opportunity offered and not being afraid of rejection. A PhD is a huge challenge and one that you need to be committed to, and is just one of many options available within pharmacy.'

Ahmed is certainly living by his own advice. Having completed his PhD studies, which included presenting at a range of international conferences, Ahmed’s varied role enables him to put his research into practice, whilst also teaching the next generation of pharmacists and medical professionals