Brieanna McDonald

Meet ambitious Brieanna who overcame personal challenges to win a Twanieka Alcindor prize and secure herself a graduate job with a Silver Circle law firm.

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Current job roleTechnical Analyst at a Silver Circle law firm
Year of graduation2022
Course of studyBachelor of Laws LLB (Hons)
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Empowered by the Twanieka Alcindor prize

Ambitious law graduate Brieanna was delighted to win a graduation prize donated by fellow Herts alumna and successful barrister Twanieka Alcindor (LLB, 2010).

Brieanna says, ‘I am neurodiverse, and a lot of people have doubted my ability because of this. The last four years have been very tough for me both personally and academically, but despite the rocky start, I am now well on my way to achieving my goals. Receiving this prize in recognition of my studies has helped me to prove that with hard work and the right support you can overcome any barriers.’

‘It’s brilliant having a role model like Twanieka. She understands the nuances of the journey into law as a black woman. It felt very empowering to win this prize, a feeling I will definitely hold onto. I am truly grateful, and I will endeavour to pay forward Twanieka’s generosity.’

Brieanna’s enterprising student experience

‘I was the first in my family to go to university and I really enjoyed my experience, especially the networking opportunities, support I received, and meeting some wonderful people who have helped me a lot on my journey.’

‘My standout memory was attending the ‘zero to start-up’ event hosted in partnership with Foundervine. This is where I met my first mentor and had my first exposure to the start-up world. This is something that has definitely given me an edge in securing opportunities. The Enterprise Hub on campus drew me towards studying at Herts. The events held here are a great way to develop your commercial awareness and give you the necessary skills to succeed as an entrepreneur.’

‘Herts has amazing staff who really go above and beyond to make the course material really engaging. There is also a lot of variety in module choices which gives you the freedom to tailor your degree to your interests. I am passionate about tech and business, and I was really impressed with the range of modules available as I hadn't seen this being offered on other LLB courses. I took part in street law, legal technology, and innovation and design. These co-curricular activities have stood out on my CV’.

‘I was also fortunate enough to be a part of the Browne Jacobson’s REACH mentoring programme, which allowed me to gain some paid legal work experience and be mentored by a partner at the firm.’

A career in legal technology

Brieanna is a budding entrepreneur and sees the potential of using technology in the legal sector.

‘I am currently working as a technical analyst in the Enterprise Architecture team at a Silver Circle law firm. I’m assisting the firm with its transition into the cloud. I am wearing many hats but really enjoying it as I am learning a lot about the legal practice and tech at the same time. This experience is invaluable to my career.

This is a rare opportunity for a graduate, especially one in law, but the skills and network I have been able to develop whilst studying at Herts have really helped me to secure this amazing job opportunity.’

‘I have always wanted to be an entrepreneurial solicitor and my experiences to date have given me insights into the potential for technology to disrupt the legal sector. But in the short term I am keen to understand the challenges that law firms are facing when it comes to adopting new technology from both a technical and legal perspective.’

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