Abhishek Verma

MSc Environmental Management for Business, 2013
Associate Consultant, KPMG New Delhi, India

Abhishek VermaEducation and enjoyment

Abhishek chose to study at the University of Hertfordshire due to its proximity to London, and the great quality of teaching and research offered for the MSc Environmental Management for Business course.

He felt the most crucial aspect to his course was the faculty itself and the facilities offered by the university, particularly the LRC with its 24 hour opening times.

The CSR module of his course was particularly the key to his academic development, as it was directly related to the needs of business organisations to become socially responsible.

Meanwhile, Abhishek has fond memories of the culinary offerings at the University:

'When pulling all-nighters at the LRC, my friends and I used to order pizzas to keep us going. And I will never forget my all-time favourite, the BLT sandwich from the LRC café!'

Career advice

Abhishek would recommend anyone with a strong interest in the environment and sustainability, to pursue a career in the Environmental Management or Corporate Sustainability.

He recommends working out which aspect of the industry is of most interest, the service provider sector i.e. consultancy, or 'hands on' in a specific industry such as Oil and Gas, Mining, Textiles, Chemicals or I.T., then to pursue work experience or internships accordingly. A relevant dissertation can also make a significant difference in getting a foot in the door.

Gain experience

Abhishek's key piece of advice to final year students is to gain some experience in the industry before applying for jobs. After graduating, Abhishek undertook internships in London, Bristol and New Delhi to gain market insights.

'To secure the job I wanted at a firm like KPMG, it was essential for me to stand out from other applicants. I did this by having a relevant and well respected Master's degree from a reputed university, and by being up to date with the latest trends in my profession through work experience.'

As a Masters student he also used highly detailed qualitative research methods throughout his degree, which equipped him with strong research skills. He uses these skills daily in his work today for KPMG.

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