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Student Success

Student Success supports students from underrepresented groups at the University.

Our ambition is to transform students' lives by empowering and enabling them to be successful in their journey at Herts and beyond.

We work with a range of student groups including care leavers and care experienced students; independent (estranged) students; young adult carers; students in receipt of/eligible for the UH Bursary; and students from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

We provide:

  • Financial support – including bursaries for some groups
  • Advice and support on areas including accommodation, wellbeing and finding employment
  • Coaching to help you manage and succeed in your studies
  • Priority access to opportunities to develop your skills & Graduate Attributes - such as the Go Herts Award
  • Part-time work such as our Ambassador and Race and Ethnicity Equity Advocate roles

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With your support, I was able to cover not only my accommodation costs but also balance my other financial responsibilities. This assistance became the foundation upon which I could rebuild my life and dreams.

Independent (Estranged) Accommodation Discount Scheme recipient

I feel that academic coaching has given me new tools for time management and productivity.

Final year coaching student

Having a laptop means I can finish my final year and qualify. I am a single parent working part time, so could not afford a new one. There is no way I would've been able to do my online learning or complete my last assignment on time had it not been for the help.

Semester A PC & Laptop Support student

Supporting me with a laptop brought about a huge change to my academic life. Before I was offered this laptop, I struggled so very much with joining zoom meetings as well as doing my assignments. This laptop was a game changer. A support I will never forget in my life.

Laptop support recipient