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University Student Trust Fund

We want every Herts student to have a rewarding experience at university. However, the path to graduation is much more difficult for some of our students. The rise in the cost of living, combined with rising interest on student loans and no increases to maintenance loans, has hit many of our students hard – particularly those from less privileged backgrounds or with no family support, or students with their own caring responsibilities.

The University Student Trust Fund (USTF) supports students who are experiencing financial difficulties and contributes to the University’s Financial Assistance Fund. In the last academic year (2021-22), the Financial Assistance Fund helped over 200 students. This academic year (2022-23) the university has doubled the financial aid available to students, but we are seeing higher levels of applications to the fund than ever before.

Generous donations from the Herts community help support more students to focus on and finish their studies with a non-repayable grant. These grants can help students who are facing a particular short-term need:

  • £30 can pay for a weekly shop
  • £50 can cover an outstanding utility bill
  • £400 can help replace a broken laptop

A proportion of USTF funding also enables students to access opportunities such as Study Abroad and doctoral research. Study Abroad offers students the unique opportunity to experience and be educated in a different country. Research degree students are given funding to undertake activities such as conference attendance and networking events, so they can progress their work and experience within academia.

The University of Hertfordshire wants to ensure that the very best students, no matter what their financial or social situation, can access higher education and all the opportunities, experiences, and future prospects that it offers. The USTF is part of our extensive ‘safety net’ of support for students that helps our most vulnerable students to remain at university and fulfil their ambitions.

I have been able to clear my rent arrears that have been building up and making me feel unwell from stress and worry. This has also helped me as a single parent to pay for food shopping and things my daughter needs. It has taken a lot of stress off my shoulders and I am so grateful.


USTF recipient

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