University Student Trust Fund

Accessing and remaining in higher education is getting more and more challenging for young people. Rising interest on student loans, cuts to external forms of support, and an increase in the cost of living can make the decision to go to university, and the ability to stay there, incredibly difficult for students from less privileged backgrounds.

The University of Hertfordshire wants to ensure that the very best students, no matter what their financial or social situation, can access higher education and all the opportunities, experiences, and future prospects that it offers. That’s why we set up the University Student Trust Fund (USTF) as part of our extensive ‘safety net’ of support for students.

The USTF provides financial support in direct response to need, as well as enabling students to access opportunities such as Study Abroad and doctoral research.

Through the USTF, students receive essential support so that no-one will be prevented from continuing their studies due to money worries, and we can ensure that as many opportunities as possible are open to students.

Support from our alumni, former staff and other members of the wider Herts community means that talented individuals can access higher education and fulfil their true potential. Your donation will help us support:

  • The Financial Assistance Fund, which supports young people facing real financial hardship that can force them to withdraw from their studies.
  • Study Abroad, which offers students the unique opportunity to experience and be educated in a different country.
  • Research degree students, enabling them to undertake activities such as conference attendance and networking events, so they can progress their work and experience within academia.