University of Hertfordshire hosts free, public art gallery show

 1 January 2024 26 May 2023
26 May 2023

The University of Hertfordshire is hosting a free, public art gallery display featuring hundreds of pieces across fashion, product design, fine art and architecture.

The Works will showcase the creative output of the university’s undergraduate and postgraduate Creative Arts students and will include a mix of virtual experiences, sculpture, photography, fashion, textiles, ceramics, mixed media and more.

The show will be hosted in 16 spaces across three buildings in the university’s College Lane Campus.

Highlights include genderless streetwear brand Friend of Dorothy, by BA(Hons) Fashion and Fashion Business student Joe Brown, who describes their brand as “queer, tongue in cheek, educational and proud”. BA(Hons) Contemporary Design Crafts student Sandrine Luhasu created sculptures around the theme of Black

African hair journeys, exploring the emotional bond between mother and children. Labyrinth and Cocoon, an architectural design by BA(Hons) Architecture student Timothy Turner, reimagines the university’s science block as a radical new landmark.

The Works will be open every day between 23 May-3 June, between 10am to 4pm. The spaces can be found in the Art and Design Building, Todd Building and Film, Music and Media Building in College Lane Campus, Hatfield.

Dr Steve Partridge, Dean of the School of Creative Arts, said:

“Our degree show event, The Works, celebrates the ideas, skills, perspectives, and solutions Creative Arts students deploy to drive progress and help transform the economic, social, and cultural future of Hertfordshire and the UK. The role of creativity is crucial in solving major, real-world problems through innovation, and this event showcases the next generation of talented practitioners, leaders and innovators in the creative arts. We hope as many people as possible join us over the next week to see and enjoy the work for themselves.”


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