University of Hertfordshire announces industry leader and alumnus Dr John Martin as visiting professor in Paramedic Science

 1 January 2024 19 June 2023
19 June 2023

The University of Hertfordshire has announced a senior paramedic and alumnus - whose career highlights include advising the emergency medical committee at the 2012 Olympics and representing his profession in Parliament - as a visiting professor in Paramedic Science.

Dr John Martin is Chief Paramedic and Deputy Chief Executive at London Ambulance Service and recently finished a six-year tenure as President of the College of Paramedics. This weekend, he was awarded His Majesty the King’s Ambulance Service Medal for distinguished service, as part of the monarch’s Birthday Honours.

A graduate in BSc Paramedic Science from the University of Hertfordshire, his appointment demonstrates the University’s commitment to serving this fast-changing and rewarding career path, with many graduates going on to become industry leaders and trailblazers in the profession.

Having joined the College of Paramedics (previously the British Paramedic Association) in 2004, Dr Martin was made President in 2017. Under his leadership, which came to an end in May, the College increased its membership to 22,000 members. Dr Martin also helped establish a peer review journal, degree level education, independent prescribing, grew the scope of practice for paramedics and led the application for a Royal Charter, which is currently being considered by the Privy Council. In 2012, Dr Martin was awarded a Fellowship of the College of Paramedics for his contribution to the profession.

He was invited to be the paramedic advisor to the emergency medical committee during the London 2012 Olympics games, supporting expert provision on the field of play.

Also among his many career highlights, Dr Martin has given evidence in both the House of Lords and at the Commons Health and Social Care Select Committee.

In 2021, he was appointed the first Chief Paramedic at London Ambulance Service NHS Trust, a newly created role which brings together responsibility for clinical quality and for ensuring paramedics and ambulance clinicians have access to world-class training, education and professional development. In this role, he oversaw accountability for emergency preparedness, resilience and response during Her Majesty the Queen’s funeral.

Each year London Ambulance Service recruits around 500 paramedics, 50 percent of whom are recruited through apprenticeships and Paramedic Science degrees in the UK, with the rest of the paramedic workforce recruited internationally and from other NHS organisations. The Service is hoping to recruit over 1,400 frontline staff, including paramedics, as part of its 2022-23 recruitment programme.

Dr John Martin, Chief Paramedic and Deputy Chief Executive at London Ambulance Service, said:

“Being a paramedic is an incredible and satisfying career and I’m delighted to return to the University of Hertfordshire as a professor where I completed my original Paramedic Science degree over 20 years ago.

“The paramedic role has evolved dramatically over the last two decades and there is now an incredible wealth of experience, and expertise within the profession, as well as career development and board-level opportunities.”

Professor Julia Williams, Research Lead for Paramedic Science at the University of Hertfordshire and an Associate Dean of the School of Health and Social Work, said:

“The University of Hertfordshire takes great pride in its esteemed paramedic reputation and heritage. We love that many of our students who have completed the BSc Hons Paramedic Science programme have gone on to assume prominent positions within the field. These individuals have taken on leading roles, contributing to the advancement of paramedic practice and making a positive impact on the communities they serve.

“With his invaluable expertise and experience, we are delighted to have John on board to educate and mentor the next generation of paramedics. Over the course of the past two decades, John has emerged as a prominent figure in the paramedic profession and he is a phenomenal asset to our talented, creative and vibrant faculty here at the University of Hertfordshire.”

Tracy Nicholls, Chief Executive of the College of Paramedics, said:

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with John for nearly two decades and would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to him on his new appointment as Visiting Professor at the University of Hertfordshire.

“Seeing John’s work and passion closely over this time has meant I have been able to see the immense contribution and impact he has made to the College of Paramedics, and to the profession as a whole. I could not be prouder!”


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