Our plans for EDI 2021-2025

Our strategic equality objectives

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Diversity in teaching
Increase BAME teaching staff from 19% to 25% and senior BAME staff from 13% to 16% by 2025

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BAME achievements
Halve the BAME awarding gap by 2025, from 18% to 9%

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Advancing gender equality
Increase academic women by 10% by 2025* and secure institutional Silver Athena Swan Award in 2024

The University of Hertfordshire advances equality by ensuring all our policies, services and practices reflect our commitment. We abide by the UK Public Sector Equality Duty, work closely with our staff and student community, staff networks, Student’ Union, local and national partners, and ensure equality is mainstreamed into our own business planning process. This allows our Strategic Business Units (SBUs) to pursue relevant goals, which are aligned with our strategic objectives.

In our 2020 - 2025 strategic plan, we outlined our commitment to reducing the BAME awarding gap by 50%, launching our BAME Institutional Action Plan in September 2020. Our 2021 progress review has shown the plan is already making a tangible impact - successfully reducing the gap from 20 percentage points in 2018/19 to 15 percentage points in 2019/20.

We know that by creating a more diverse staff community, we will be better equipped to meet the needs of our students. We want to share and report on our successes by participating in open discussion across the sector – supporting, as well as learning from, other institutions in creating a culture where every student and member of staff is welcomed, supported, nurtured, and celebrated.

Read our EDI Annual Report to learn what we’ve delivered so far.

*(Increase academic women from 44.7% to 49.2%)