Bayfordbury Observatory telescope

To benefit our students who want to pursue a career in astrophysics, and support the exceptional teaching and research facilities at our Bayfordbury Observatory, we are proud that we have one of the largest telescopes available to undergraduate and postgraduate students in the UK. There are only two other telescopes like this in the UK available for student use.

The Planewave CDK24 benefits from a 60cm diameter mirror, providing greater quality and quantity of observations at one time, compared to the telescope it replaced. The mount of the telescope can also move faster and more accurately, further improving the amount and quality of observations.

Bayfordbury Observatory is our teaching observatory for astronomy and astrophysics students, where they are trained in observational astrophysics as they develop specialised skills. Located in University owned woodland, the countryside setting escapes the glare of street lights, to reduce light pollution and enhance the students’ learning experience.

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