Alina - Things you should know

January 1 2020

Things you need to know before studying Midwifery at Herts

You probably think that reading is essential to gain the knowledge of midwifery, and yes, this is partly true, however, the university provides many practical resources and opportunities for you to gain the skills and knowledge of midwifery as well as theory. To be completely honest, I didn’t know much information about midwifery before starting my course and now that my first year is almost over, I can tell you a few tips to enhance your knowledge of midwifery before starting the course.

Getting to know what midwifery is about

Before starting your course, you might find it useful to read about what the course is about, however you would have to find out what midwifery is about. There are some books which can help you get started. Reading about midwifery will make your life at university easier as they will not only inform you of what midwifery is about beforehand but also help you with your assignments and knowledge throughout your 3-year course. It is always helpful to ask the university what the course consists of and what to expect from it.


Midwifery is a complex course, however, the outcome of it is worth it. This course will require commitment, there will be moments when you will have to give up a night out to finish an assignment or cancel plans due to change in your timetable. As this course provides 50% theory and 50% placement, good time management is essential. You will have to make sure you’re not absent and not late as it can affect your learning.


When studying midwifery there are different ways you will be assessed. Aside from being assessed on your knowledge of the theory you’ve been taught; you will also be assessed on your performance and skills in placement. There is no need for you to be worried about that now because everything will be easier to understand as you start your course. There is plenty of support available for you regarding any aspect of your course and anyone at the university will be happy to help you.


Studying midwifery will require a lot of independent work. You will be required to plan your time wisely to meet deadlines and avoid stressful situations. To help you organise your time better I recommend that you buy a diary where you can write your plans for the days and weeks to come. Making friends from your cohort can be very helpful as well. Yes, university life can get stressful at times, but you must ask for help when you need it.