Scholarships, grants and bursaries

We believe anyone who works hard or shows great talent should be encouraged. At Herts, we offer a range of non-repayable scholarships and bursaries to outstanding individuals.

Some financial support opportunities are sponsored directly by the University. Others are sponsored by our commercial and professional partners, funded by philanthropic donations or are part of a Government scheme (e.g. the NHS Learning Support Fund).

If you are awarded a scholarship, grant or bursary, you will receive the amount of money specific to that scheme. They are offered based on a range of criteria. Take a look at the options below to find out more.

Find an undergraduate bursary or scholarship in your area of study

Our undergraduate scholarships are available for UK and EU students.

Creative Arts

Find out more about undergraduate funding

UCAS offer lots of information about what you can get a scholarship, bursary or grant for and tips on where to look. Find out more about scholarships, bursaries and grants on UCAS.

Read the Guide to UK Scholarships on The Scholarship Hub. They have lots of information.

Take a look at Blackbullion, the all-in-one student money management space. Register with the site to access a searchable scholarship database.

Find a postgraduate bursary or scholarship in your area of study

Find out more about postgraduate funding

Charities, trusts and societies also offer funding opportunities for postgraduate study but it can be tricky knowing where to look.

Turn2us is a national charity that runs a database of charitable grants across the country. Their database makes it easy to search for a grant and find out what funding you could be eligible for. Find out more about charitable grants and how to apply on the Turn2us website.