Music research


A mixing desk during a live performance.Music research brings together our diverse musical talents with world-leading research.

Historically, the creative application of technology has been a key mediator in all courses taught within the Music Centre.

Our research has been integral in these developments with new approaches to:

  • performance with technology
  • interdisciplinary work
  • composition (interactive, responsive and algorithmic sound and image)
  • audio-engineering

These areas of interest have been important catalysts for our forward-looking approach.

Music business

We are leading developments in research into Music Business, with our research having helped shape government policy and provide an academic forum for UK music industry professionals.

Our international reputation is enhanced with a number of collaborative projects with international institutions.

Research students

Within the centre, we have a large number of research students (PhD and MSc).

Their studies range from software and hardware design to sound and image to musicology.

Practice-based research is central to our ethos and we encourage all of our researchers to be active and accessible members of the artistic community.

Research students can reclaim their expenses via the following form, Creative Arts Research expenses  (DOC - 0.03 Mb)