Economic History

Books to explore

  • Bricks of Victorian London

    Author: Peter Hounsell

    Format: Paperback

    The companies that made the bricks employed many thousands of men, women and children and their working lives, homes and culture are looked at here, as well as the journey towards better working conditions and wages.

  • Managing for Posterity

    Author: Elizabeth Griffiths

    Format: Paperback

    The Norfolk Gentry and their Estates c.1450–1700

  • Moseley 1850–1900

    Author: Janet Berry

    Format: Paperback

    By the first decades of the twentieth century Moseley had become part of the metropolis of Birmingham. This engaging account of the process from village to fully integrated suburb will be of particular interest to urban historians.

    £16.99 (free postage)

  • Sevenoaks 1790–1914

    Author: Iain Taylor , David Killingray

    Format: Paperback

    This book offers a fresh perspective on British history in the long nineteenth century through the lens of a study of Sevenoaks and the surrounding area of West Kent.

    £14.99 (free postage)

  • St Albans: A history

    Author: Mark Freeman

    Format: Paperback

    Mark Freeman’s classic history of St Albans, first published in 2008, has been substantially rewritten by the author and brought fully up to date, making it an invaluable guide to more than two thousand years of St Albans’s history.


  • A Prospering Society

    Author: John Hare

    Format: Hardback

    Wiltshire in the later Middle Ages

  • Bread and Ale for the Brethren

    Author: Philip Slavin

    Format: Paperback

    The study of the food supply of late-medieval conventual households sheds much light on the wider process of decline and eventual collapse of direct demesne management in particular, and feudalism in general, in the post-Black Death era.

  • Cambridge and its Economic Region

    Author: John S Lee

    Format: Hardback

    This book examines the relationship between a town and its region in the late medieval period. The population, wealth, trade and markets of Cambridge and its region are studied and the changes that took place over a century of economic and social transition are detailed.

    £18.99 (free postage)

  • Custom and Commercialisation in English Rural Society

    Editor: James P Bowen , A.T. Brown

    Format: Paperback

    This book has an intentionally broad chronological span, ranging from the thirteenth century through to the eighteenth, exploring the interactions between custom and commercialisation during a key period in the economic development of English rural society.

  • Farmers, Consumers, Innovators

    Editor: Richard Jones , Christopher Dyer

    Format: Paperback

    Joan Thirsk was the leading English agrarian historian of the late 20th century. This book is based on a conference held in her honour that was intended not to look back but rather to identify her relevance for historians now, and to present new work influenced and inspired by her.

  • Industrial Letchworth

    Author: Letchworth Local History Research Group

    Format: Paperback

    In this richly illustrated account, Letchworth Local History Research Group look in detail at the town’s foundation in the early 1900s and the energetic organisation and administration that enabled it to get off the ground quickly and successfully.

    £14.99 (free postage)

  • Land and Family

    Author: John Mullan , Richard Britnell

    Format: Paperback

    Trends and local variations in the peasant land market on the Winchester bishopric estates, 1263-1415.

  • New Directions in Local History Since Hoskins

    Editor: Christopher Dyer , Andrew Hopper , Evelyn Lord , Nigel Tringham

    Format: Ebook

    Local history in Britain can trace its origins back to the sixteenth century and before, but it was given inspiration and a new sense of direction in the 1950s and 60s by the work of W.G. Hoskins.