Agricultural History

Books to explore

  • Broadland

    Author: Tom Williamson , Alison Yardy

    Format: Paperback

    This authoritative account will be essential reading for all with an interest in the history and ecology of Broadland. But it will also appeal to those who simply want to know more about the forces that have shaped the character of an iconic British landscape.

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  • Managing for Posterity

    Author: Elizabeth Griffiths

    Format: Paperback

    The Norfolk Gentry and their Estates c.1450–1700

  • William Ellis

    Author: Malcolm Thick

    Format: Paperback

    William Ellis, who lived and farmed at Little Gaddesden in Hertfordshire in the first half of the eighteenth century (d. 1759), is an important figure in English agricultural history.

  • A Prospering Society

    Author: John Hare

    Format: Hardback

    Wiltshire in the later Middle Ages

  • Assembling Enclosure

    Author: Ronan O'Donnell

    Format: Paperback

    Transformations in the rural landscape of post-medieval north-east England.

  • Communities in Contrast

    Author: Sarah Holland

    Format: Paperback

    This book investigates what a case study of a northern market town and its rural hinterland can tell us about village differentiation, exploring how and why rural communities developed in what was chiefly an industrial region and, notably, how the relationship between town and country influenced rural communities.

    £18.99 (free postage)

  • Custom and Commercialisation in English Rural Society

    Editor: James P Bowen , A.T. Brown

    Format: Paperback

    This book has an intentionally broad chronological span, ranging from the thirteenth century through to the eighteenth, exploring the interactions between custom and commercialisation during a key period in the economic development of English rural society.

  • Farmers, Consumers, Innovators

    Editor: Richard Jones , Christopher Dyer

    Format: Paperback

    Joan Thirsk was the leading English agrarian historian of the late 20th century. This book is based on a conference held in her honour that was intended not to look back but rather to identify her relevance for historians now, and to present new work influenced and inspired by her.

  • From the Deer to the Fox

    Author: Mandy de Belin

    Format: Paperback

    “This meticulously researched and much-needed study explores the shift from deer- to fox-hunting from the early seventeenth to the mid-nineteenth century and its effects on the landscape of Northamptonshire.” Amanda Richardson, Landscape History

  • Land and Family

    Author: John Mullan , Richard Britnell

    Format: Paperback

    Trends and local variations in the peasant land market on the Winchester bishopric estates, 1263-1415.

  • Landscapes Decoded

    Author: Susan Oosthuizen

    The origin and development of Cambridgeshire's medieval fields

  • Out of the Hay and Into the Hops

    Author: Celia Cordle

    Format: Paperback

    Hop cultivation in Wealden Kent and hop marketing in Southwark, 1744–2000

  • Peasant Perspectives on the Medieval Landscape

    Author: Susan Kilby

    Format: Hardback

    This compelling new study forms part of a new wave of scholarship on the medieval rural environment in which the focus moves beyond purely socio-economic concerns to incorporate the lived experience of peasants.

  • Rethinking Ancient Woodland

    Author: Tom Williamson , Gerry Barnes

    Format: Ebook

    This important volume will be essential reading for all those interested in the history of the English countryside, nature conservation and environmental history.

  • The Orchards of Eastern England

    Author: Tom Williamson , Gerry Barnes

    Format: Paperback

    Drawing on far-reaching archival research, an extensive survey of surviving orchards and biodiversity surveys, the authors tell the fascinating story of orchards in the east since the late Middle Ages.

    £16.99 (free postage)

  • The World of the Small Farmer

    Author: Patricia Croot

    Format: Paperback

    This detailed and original study of early-modern agrarian society in the Somerset Levels examines the small landholders in a group of sixteen contiguous parishes in the area known as Brent Marsh.