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Books to explore

  • Dr Thomas Plume, 1630–1704

    Editor: Christopher Thornton , Tony Doe

    Format: Paperback

    His life and legacies in Essex, Kent and Cambridge


  • Letchworth Settlement, 1920–2020

    Author: Kate Thompson

    Format: Paperback

    A century of creative learning


  • Lichfield and the Lands of St Chad

    Author: Andrew Sargent

    Format: Paperback

    This book focuses on the period from the seventh to eleventh centuries that witnessed the rise and fall of Mercia, the great Midland kingdom, and, later, the formation of England.

  • Music-making in the Hertfordshire Parish, 1760–1870

    Author: Maggie Kilbey

    Format: Paperback

    Maggie Kilbey explores attempts to improve parochial music-making in Hertfordshire between 1760 and 1870.


  • Shaping the Past

    Editor: Evelyn Lord , Nicholas R. Amor

    Format: Paperback

    The essays in this Festschrift are offered as a token of esteem and affection by colleagues, friends and students of David Dymond. They consist of new research on aspects of local history from the medieval period to the twentieth century, with a particular focus on Eastern England.