Ebook options

There are a number of ways to consume our books. The traditional hardback/paperback isn't going to disappear any time soon and we continue to sell them via our website and good bookshops across the country.

These days, however, you can also buy many of our books in electronic form, simply search online and you are likely to encounter some or all of these as available formats:

  • Kindle edition - these books are in a proprietary format, which means they can only be read on an Amazon Kindle device or a device using Kindle software (an iPad can be used to read Kindle ebooks via the Amazon Kindle app, for example)
  • ePUB - a widely used flowable format that is compatible with most readers (notably not Amazon Kindle)
  • PDF - a simple fixed-page format that is generally readable on all devices

All of our ebook editions are available for purchase directly from our distributor IPG. Alternatively go straight to Amazon to find the Kindle edition or visit your preferred ebook vendor for ePub and PDF editions.

When the only available format is an ebook we do not list a price because this is set by the vendor (Amazon or IPG) and is subject to change. Please click on the link taking you to the vendor's site to find out the current price.