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New Charrette course

The University of Hertfordshire's Centre for Sustainable Communities, in partnership with the National Charette Institute (NCI) will be running the first set of NCI Charrette SystemTM courses to be offered in the UK.

More about the Charette courses held by the Centre for Sustainable Communities will be advertised for the forthcoming academic year when details are known. 

In June 2008, the University of Hertfordshire hosted the Hertfordshire Charrette – a first-of-its-kind design workshop organised to offer residents the opportunity to discuss and debate visions for the future growth of the County.

The initiative was led by urban planner Andres Duany, with participation from local planners, environmentalists, community leaders, and business owners, as well as students and faculty from the University's Department of Geography and Environment and environmental consultants from the Watford-based Building Research Establishment (BRE).

The final product of the Charrette was the Hertfordshire Guide to Growth, a manual which both critiques current development practice in the County and proposes approaches for future development, including the housing allocations proposed by the East of England Plan. The guide was developed by the Charrette design team from Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company.

First of its kind

The Charrette was the first exercise of its kind within London and the Home Counties, and offered a new model for University participation in the public process.


The Hertfordshire Charrette initiative was organised and sponsored jointly by:

  • the University of Hertfordshire
  • the Hertfordshire County Council
  • the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • numerous Hertfordshire-based companies and organisations
  • numerous Hertfordshire-based developers and landowners


PDF Download the post-charrette paper, Hertfordshire Guide to Growth (final draft)

PDF Download the pre-charrette paper, How should the County grow? This document was released to the general public before the Charrette.

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