OREGIN has an ongoing programme aimed at collating information relevant to R&D underpinning genetic improvement of oilseed rape (Brassica napus)

Stakeholder forum

The stakeholder forum, chaired by Prof. Ian Bancroft, comprises breeders, sponsors, scientists and "end-users", who represent the substantial majority of UK's expertise relating to oilseed rape genetics and breeding.

The forum aims to promote the activities of OREGIN and elevate its profile.

Details of stakeholder meetings will be updated here so please check back.

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Stakeholder Meetings

Future Meetings

OREGIN Management Meeting 2020

4th February 2020, 10:00 - 15:00
B/B/102A Seminar Room, University of York Campus West, YO10 5DD

Past Meetings

OREGIN Stakeholder's forum 2019

Methods and practices for integrated WOSR crop management

The winter oilseed rape (WOSR) sector has been under considerable strain, in the last few years, both in the UK and the continental Europe. Legislative changes in the use of agrochemicals, challenging climatic conditions and market pressures have led to significant reduction in the oilseed rape growing area threatening the future viability of the crop. Notwithstanding these difficulties, oilseed rape remains one of the most profitable arable crops and the main home-grown oil crop. Finding therefore, alternative approaches to managing the crop and ensuring its commercial viability in the face of adversity has been the priority of all the different stakeholders involved with WOSR. The 2019 annual DEFRA OREGIN stakeholder forum to take place on 26th November 2019 in PGRO, Great N Rd, Peterborough PE8 6HJ is entitled “Methods and practices for integrated WOSR crop management”. The aim of this year’s meeting is to canvas the views and learn from the experience of different stakeholder groups on alternative approaches to crop management, with emphasis on approaches that integrate genetics with seed and agronomic technologies and methods to mitigate biotic and abiotic stresses. The invited speakers represent different sectors of the crop production chain (seed distributors, agronomists, growers) as well as regulatory, consulting and academic organizations. We would like to hear your views, so the agenda offers ample opportunities to discuss the issues the crop is currently facing and propose possible ways forward.

26th November 2019, 10:00 - 16:00
PGRO, Great N Rd, Peterborough PE8 6HJ
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Twitter:  #OREGINsm2019

Vasilis Gegas (Limagreen) Welcome and Introduction
Stephen Beal (Blue Shed Consulting)
Mark Nightingale (Elsoms)
Chris Eglington (Independent Grower)
Dhan Bhandari (AHDB)
Sacha White (ADAS)
Caroline Young (ADAS)
Jon West (Rothamsted Research)
Alison Nwokeoji (The University of Sheffield)
Jessica Hughes (John Innes Centre)
Lenka Havlickova (The University of York)

Keynote speaker: Stephen Beal, Blue Shed Consulting

Chair: Vasilis Gegas, Limagrain
Mark Nightingale, Elsoms
DEFRA, The REACH restriction process (representative TBC)
Chris Eglington, independent grower
Dhan Bhandari, AHDB
Sacha White, ADAS
Caroline Young, ADAS
Jon West, Rothamsted Research
Alison Nwokeoji, The University of Sheffield
Jessica Hughes, John Innes Centre
Lenka Havlickova, The University of York

OREGIN Management Meeting 2019

21st February - University of Warwick
Action Points

ADAS Presentation
University of Hertfordshire Presentation
University of York Presentation

OREGIN Stakeholder forum 2018

15th November - Elsoms Seeds Ltd, Spalding

OREGIN Stakeholder forum 2016

31st October 2016 - Rothamsted Research

Minutes of meeting

Special Stakeholder Meeting - "Future Planning for OREGIN"

4th February 2014 - University of Warwick, Wellesbourne Campus