Alumni stories

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  • Elise Woodbridge-Colella

    Elise Woodbridge-Colella

    Meet Elise. Elise’s journey to radiotherapy began when she supported a family member receiving cancer treatment. She is now a qualified Therapeutic Radiographer, who has worked for the NHS and in the private sector.

  • Andrew Bennett

    Andrew Bennett

    Meet Andrew. He chose to complete his master’s degree at Herts because of the University’s excellent reputation and flexible programmes. In under a decade, he became the National Clinical Director for Musculoskeletal at NHS England.

  • Jordan Murtagh

    Jordan Murtagh

    Meet Jordan. Driven by a passion for science and technology, he decided to move from Ireland to study radiography at Herts.

  • Mark Sanderson

    Mark Sanderson

    Meet Mark. Despite not having a bachelor’s degree, Mark was accepted on to the MSc Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion course as it offers opportunities to those who have experienced mental distress. He has used his studies to build on his work in the NHS.

  • Sean Cloak

    Sean Cloak

    Meet London Ambulance Service paramedic Sean Cloak, who shares his clinical knowledge as a Visiting Lecturer.

  • James Wilkinson

    James Wilkinson

    Meet lifesaving paramedic James Wilkinson, who shares his clinical knowledge with other students.

  • Amira Guirguis

    Amira Guirguis

    Meet Amira Guirguis discovered her passion and retrained as a pharmacist. She is currently studying towards a PhD in Pharmacy.

  • Melonie Sanassy

    Melonie Sanassy

    Meet Melonie Sanassy who gained valuable work experience during her studies to make her stand out. She currently works as a pharmacist at the Royal Marsden Hospital.

  • Dr Ahmed Ameer MRPharmS

    Dr Ahmed Ameer MRPharmS

    Meet Dr Ahmed Ameer who has put his research into practice since graduating in 2015. He currently works as a Medication Officer and lecturers at the University of Hertfordshire.

  • Khan Asghar Iqbal

    Khan Asghar Iqbal

    Meet Khan Asghar Iqbal who is saving lives everyday as a Newly Qualified Paramedic (NQP). Khan is currently working for the Welsh Ambulance Service Trust.

  • Nikunj Thakrar

    Nikunj Thakrar

    Meet Nikunj Thakrar who has built a successful career as a Pharmacist since graduating in 2009. He currently works for Tesco as a Pharmacy Manager and has returned to the University as a visiting lecturer.

  • Ramatu Nguru

    Ramatu Nguru

    Meet Ramutu Nguru who has excelled as a Registered Nutritionist since graduating in 2016. She currently works as a School Food Nutritionist for Herts Catering Limited (HCL).