Alumni stories

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  • Uche Amako

    Uche Amako

    Meet Uche Amako, who followed his love of journalism and is a sports writer for the Telegraph newspaper

  • Abies Iriowen

    Abies Iriowen

    Meet Abies Iriowen who has applied her degree to improve diversity and equality in businesses. She currently works as a Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator at Goldman Sachs

  • Kate Stephenson

    Kate Stephenson

    Meet Kate Stephenson who has excelled in the publishing industry since graduating. She currently works as the Education Editor at National Geographic Kids magazine.

  • Punteha Van Terheyden

    Punteha Van Terheyden

    Meet Punteha Van Terheyden who was inspired by our staff to pursue a career in feature writing. Punteha now owns vT Features where she works as a true-life journalist and media consultant.

  • Jonathan Yip

    Jonathan Yip

    Meet Jonathan Yip who has undertaken a career in academia. He is currently working as an undergraduate lecturer at one of the most prestigious institutions in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - BAC Education Group.

  • Charlie Edgar

    Charlie Edgar

    Meet Charlie Edgar who used his degree to explore the world. He currently works as a Luxury Real Estate Assistant to Jade Mills in Los Angeles.

  • Stephanie Sofia

    Stephanie Sofia

    Meet Stephanie Sofia who used her course to build vital industry connections. She is currently a Marketing and Office Manager at a leadership and development training company.

  • April Wilson

    April Wilson

    Meet April Wilson who used the diversity of her course to gain new experiences and learn. She is currently a Media & PR Coordinator at the University of Hertfordshire.