Confirmed place

de Havilland accommodationSecuring a place at the University of Hertfordshire is an exciting time for your child and the whole family.

It is at this stage that finance and accommodation need to have already been organised.

Preparing to attend University

The next step is to think about practicalities such as how are they going to get here and what to bring.

Find out more about our campus locations.

Open dayPlanning for the first weekend

Senior staff will be on-hand to answer your questions during the moving-in weekend.

We also hold a formal talk for parents.

If you are planning to stay overnight you will find several hotels close to both campuses, including Travelodge, Ramada Hatfield, Beales Hotel plus local bed and breakfasts.

What next for you as a parent?

Remember that this is a new chapter in your life too. We recommend preparing for the effect your child leaving the family home may have.

The BBC and mumsnet websites provide some helpful advice on this subject.