Additional support at your Graduation Ceremonies

If you (graduate) or your guest(s) will be seated in a wheelchair during the ceremony, you must provide this information when you register to attend your Ceremony. We will contact you to discuss this using the details on your Student Record.

If you or your guest(s) have additional mobility needs, or require other additional support on the day, please phone the Exams and Award Office (01707 284800) to discuss with us before the registration deadline. If you do not contact us in advance, we cannot help on the day.

Arrangements for you (graduate)

We will endeavour to keep you seated with other graduates. If your need requires you to be seated in another part of the venue then your guest(s) will be seated with you. Regardless of where you are seated you will be presented on stage alongside graduates from your cohort.

Arrangement for your guest(s)

Depending upon your guest's needs, suitable seating may be reserved for them, for example at the side of the venue to maximise accessibility. We will endeavour to keep your guests seated together although, depending upon the number and availability, this may not always be possible.

Arrangements for extra ticket holders

We hope to be able to accommodate the needs of all guests. However, the turnaround time may be too tight to satisfy the more complex arrangements for extra guests with mobility/disability requirements.

You will be asked for disability/mobility requirements upon purchase of extra tickets and will need to contact us thereafter to discuss the necessary arrangements (01707 284800).