Additional support at your Graduation Ceremonies

If you (the graduate) or your guest(s) will require accessibility support on the day of your graduation, please provide that information when you register to attend your Ceremony.

We will then email you with a survey to fill out to find out how we can support you and/or your guest(s) on the day.

Please be aware that if you do not contact us prior to your ceremony, we will be unable to help on the day.

We endeavour to make sure that every graduate receives the same experience, however, depending on the support you require, we cannot guarantee that this will be the case.

Please be advised, in addition to the Abbey itself, all external venues - our marquees on the Abbey grounds - are fully accessible with ramps and handrails.

Support at Our Graduation Ceremonies

Attendees will be sat for the majority of the graduation ceremony. There are stairs up to the seating area with handrails as well as a mobility lift. Graduates and guests are sat separately. All guest seating is first come, first serve. Graduate seating is allocated.

For you (the graduate)

We will endeavour to keep you seated with other graduates. If your accessibility needs require it, you may be seated closer to the stage. Regardless of where you are seated, you will cross the stage and receive your scroll of congratulations the same as all graduates at your ceremony.

For Guest(s)

Halfway down the central aisle in the knave in St Albans Abbey, we have a section of reserved seating. This is for guests who will require use of the accessible fire exits should this be necessary.

Based on your survey response, we will decide whether it would be necessary for your guest(s) to be seated in this reserved seating section. Please note, depending on the numbers of guests in your ceremony, we may be unable to seat all your guests in the reserved seating section (if applicable).

We will inform you before your ceremony  whether your guests have reserved seating and (if applicable) details of where you will need to go on the day.

Arrangements for extra ticket holders

We hope to be able to accommodate the needs of all guests. However, the turnaround time may be too tight to satisfy the more complex arrangements for extra guests with mobility/disability requirements.

You will be asked for disability/mobility requirements upon purchase of extra tickets and will need to contact us thereafter to discuss the necessary arrangements (01707 284800).