Eligibility criteria for Graduation Ceremonies at the University of Hertfordshire

Find out which Ceremony you can attend by using our checklist below.

To be eligible to register for a Ceremony you must meet all the criteria below. You must have:

  1. An eligible Exam Board date (and a confirmed award within this same period)
  2. An award that is presented at our Ceremonies
  3. Accepted an interim award (if you have been offered one)
  4. Paid your academic debt

1. Do you have an eligible Exam Board date?

The date of your Exam Board determines which Graduation Ceremony you can attend. Use the table below to find your award level and where your Exam Board falls to work out which Ceremony you can attend:

Date Range of Eligible Exam Board Dates and Corresponding Ceremony Period
Exam Board Date Range Eligible Ceremony Period
4th November 2021 to 31st July 2022September 2022
1st  August 2022 to 2nd November 2022December 2022
3rd November 2022 to 31st July 2023September 2023

Not sure when your Exam Board meets?

Check with your Ask Herts Hub, if you are unsure when your Exam Board meets.

2. Is your award presented at the Ceremonies?

The following awards are presented at the Ceremonies.

  • Bachelors
  • Diplomas (except University Diploma)
  • Doctorates
  • Foundation Degree (FdSc Paramedic Science and FdSc Health Care Practice only)
  • Masters
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education
  • Professional Graduate Certificate in Education

Students must have been taught by a University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield-based) academic.

3. Taking an interim award?

If you have received notification regarding an interim award (i.e. not the final award on your programme of study) it is assumed that you will continue your studies. If, however, you do not wish to do this but instead receive the interim award noted by your Programme Board of Examiners, you must request this in writing. Doing so by a certain date may mean you are eligible to attend a Graduation Ceremony.

Eligible Ceremony Period

School Must Receive Your Written Confirmation By

September 202231st July 2022
December 20222nd November 2022

4. Have you paid your academic debt?

You can only register to attend the Ceremony if you have paid your academic debt by the deadlines for the September Ceremonies and December Ceremonies.

Please contact Student Finance to arrange payment.