Award Certificate

Award CertificateHow will I receive my certificate?

Once the Board of Examiners has confirmed your award your certificate will be sent as soon as it is printed.
Your certificate will be sent to the home address you have listed on your Student Record. It is essential that you ensure your contact details are kept up to date so your certificate is sent to the correct address.
Please allow 6 weeks for postage to UK and 8 weeks for postage to arrive to an international address. Due to the volume of certificates it is not possible to collect in person.
If you have a confirmed final award, and are waiting for your certificate, we can offer a confirmation of award letter in the meantime, see more information on our Confirmation of Awards page.

Can I receive the certificate if I have an outstanding debt?

No. Certificates are not released if you have an outstanding academic debt to the University. To clear any academic debt please contact Student Finance. Once this has been cleared, please contact us with your postal address for your certificate.

How will my name appear on the certificate?

The name will be taken from the student record system at the time of your Exam Board.

If you wish to alter this before your Exam Board please speak to the Student Centre at or +44(0)1707 284800. However, the certificate is an official document, and it must state your full legal name at the time your Exam Board meets.
It cannot be amended after your Exam Board has met.

Can I have more than one certificate?

No. It is the University's policy that award recipients are only issued with one certificate. The University will not issue additional copies or a duplicate certificate to any one already holding an original certificate.

If your original University of Hertfordshire certificate has been lost or damaged a replacement certificate can be applied for. Replacements are issued at a cost of £35. The replacement will have the same standing as the original but it will be produced in the current format and may not be an exact replica. To order a replacement certificate please visit our e-shop:

Replacement Certificate Application

Can I request a certified copy of my certificate?

Please contact us if you need certified documents for WES, as we have a temporary secure online agreement with them.

Yes, if you have your original certificate. You must send us a photocopy which we can stamp and sign to certify that it is a copy of your original certificate issued by the University of Hertfordshire. The first copy is issued at a cost of £10 and additional copies after this are £2 each. To request a certified copy please visit our e-shop:

Certified Copy Application

If applicable, please also send us your completed WES form, including your application number. We will then print your photocopy and check the information against our records, if all correct then the copy is stamped and signed by the Assistant Registrar and sent by post direct to WES.

If you need an Apostille: An Apostille is an official government-issued certificate or stamp added to documents so they will be recognised when presented in another country.  The University cannot provide this service so enquiries would need to be made directly with a provider of an apostille or notarial service.

Can an electronic copy of my certificate be sent to me?

No. It is not possible for a scanned copy of your certificate to be emailed to you.