Media Cultures

Media cultures introduces you to the theory of media communications and the impact the media has on society, economics and politics.

Within the Mass Communications Programme, students can choose to combine their studies with related subjects (for example with New Media Publishing in order to form a Media Joint title) in order to achieve one of the following degrees:

Within the Humanities Programme, this subject can be combined with other subjects to form the following degrees:

Also within the Humanities Programme, this subject can be combined with New Media Publishing to form the following degrees:

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What will I study?

You will learn about different types of media, the structure of the industry and the variety of methods applied in understanding the relation between media content and its audience.

You'll also discover key theorists who have contributed to the media studies debate and have the opportunity to discuss your ideas with others in seminars, lectures and online.

This way you’ll learn how to create and defend a reasoned critical analysis. It will also equip you with the terminology needed to engage in a scholarly analysis of media.

Why study with us?

What our
students say

What ourstudents say

I now have a clear idea of how this complex industry works, and it is definitely a great advantage.

-Anisa Luk, Media Cultures Graduate