Law research

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Developing an enquiring mind and applying it to current legal issues is our main focus at the Hertfordshire Law School. One of the main ways we do this is through research-informed teaching.

Areas of research expertise

Staff research interests include a wide range of areas, such as:

Throughout your course, whether at undergraduate or postgraduate level, you will benefit from this expertise not only during lectures, but also as you carry out your own research, whether for your dissertation or to reinforce your argumentative skills.

Developing your research abilities can also help you progress as a student and to open the door to a world of opportunities in a broad range of legal areas.

Real-world research

Making an impact in the community

In 2014, we established a research programme in criminal justice, supported by Hertfordshire's Police and Crime Commissioner. The programme involves developing a restorative justice strategy and implementing this across the county.

Further research projects are being developed in intellectual property and sustainable development law. These are innovative, highly interdisciplinary and will include working with a range of external partners.

As a student you will have the opportunity to take part in these research projects, develop your skills and enhance your CV. In fact, right from the start of your course, you can expect to start developing those key research skills. Starting with the War of Words programme you can learn to build argument points based on your research.

These skills can then be expanded to doing a dissertation or one of the numerous other co-curricular activities that we offer.

Research seminar series

Please see below for the full programme of our annual research seminar series.