Publications associated with the Observatory


2020 - Design and Field Campaign Validation of a Multirotor UAV and Optical Particle Counter - Joseph Girdwood

2019 - Efficient Follow-Up of Exoplanet Transits Using Small Telescopes - Peter Beck

2019 - Halo ratio from ground based all-sky imaging - Paolo Dandini

2017 - Precision Photometry at the University of Hertfordshire's Bayfordbury Observatory - Peter Beck (MSc thesis)

2014 - WTS-2 b: a hot Jupiter orbiting near its tidal destruction radius around a K-dwarf

2012 - The first planet detected in the WTS: an inflated hot Jupiter in a 3.35 d orbit around a late F star

2012 - BASIS: Bayfordbury single-object integral field spectrograph - Samuel Richards

2011 - Long-Term Variability of Wolf-Rayet Stars - Ken Winter (MSc thesis)

2007 - Minor Planet Observations

2003 - Radio emission from the active Sun


1998 -Measurement and analysis of radio emission from the quiet Sun

1998 -Seeing stars: the night sky through small telescopes

1998 -Photo-guide to the constellations. A self-teaching guide to finding your way around the heavens

1996 -The University of Hertfordshire Observatory in Bayfordbury, England

1995 -Optical Astronomical Spectroscopy

1995 -Telescopes and Techniques: An Introduction to Practical Astronomy

1995 -Optical astronomical spectroscopy

1995 -Astronomical spectroscopes

1994 -Ultraviolet photography of Venus

1993 -The occultation of 28 SGR by Titan

1992 -Some Aspects of Lunar Photography with an 8-INCH / 0.2-METER Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope

1992 -Temperature contours of the radio sky at a wavelength of 2 metres

1990 -A Morphological Criterion for Distinguishing Between Supernova Remnants and HII Regions

1990 -Software for small computers

1990 -Journeys to the ends of the universe


1987 -Stars, nebulae and the interstellar medium. Observational physics and astrophysics

1984 -Astrophysical techniques

1982 -Observing the Sun in safety

1982 -Ultraviolet spectroscopy of Phi Persei


1978 -The Hatfield near-infrared polarimeter

1976 -A study of some Be star envelopes

1973 -Infrared astronomical work at Leicester University and Hatfield Polytechnic

1972 -Astronomical Polarimetry at 5 and 10 μ