Photos of Bayfordbury Observatory

A visual history of Bayfordbury

Welcome to our photo gallery - a collection of images which depict the evolution of Bayfordbury Observatory, and that demonstrate the awesome power of our telescopes, and the wonders of the universe that they are able to capture.

From the origins of the site to its present state, and some of the exciting images from space taken along the way, this gallery gives a comprehensive view of the life and purpose of Bayfordbury.

Image categories

Browse the different categories below to find the photos you would like to see. As well as pictures that depict the historical development of the site itself, you can find images of the site today. For more images of our current equipment please view our telescope and remote sensing pages.

Bayfordbury Observatory today

The 1999 renovation

The 25th anniversary

Bayfordbury 1970-1979

Special events

BBC 'Stargazing Live' event evening, January 2013