Our strategic plan

The diverse range of students, staff, businesses, researchers and members of the public that we support all share the desire to make the most of the opportunities in front of them. Our strategy enables us to power their potential and help them to achieve their goals.

Our strategic themes

Offering opportunity

We offer every student the opportunity to succeed, with varied and well-signposted routes into university and clear pathways through study.

We support students to achieve to the best of their ability, and we will support them in preparing for global opportunities after graduation.

We will use our links in business, our research expertise, and our global outlook, to transform lives.

Building community

We are a diverse and welcoming community with a global reach and a common purpose, to transform lives, which we will work together to achieve.

Through communities of learning, exploration and knowledge, we celebrate diversity and share our passions. We want all our students and staff to find their communities here.

We are engaged as a Civic University in our region, supporting schools, colleges and students. We will share our knowledge, culture, research and resources with businesses, the professions and the wider community.

Embracing flexibility

We will respond flexibly to the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Flexible modes of study will support our students to succeed and allow them to engage with a greater range of opportunities in education, extra-curricular activities and work experience.

We want our students to follow their interests and passions to transform their lives, and to be empowered by a choice of pathways that take them to the next stage and open doors to the future.

We value our students and staff and encourage them to thrive in a safe and welcoming environment; to feel proud to be part of a great community and to celebrate their achievements. We’re a diverse, inclusive community which flexibly responds to the challenges of the changing world.

Professor Quintin McKellar CBE

Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive

Our pillars of activity

We deliver our vision via five distinct pillars of activity: People and Values, Education and Student Experience, Research, Global Engagement, and Enterprise.

People and valuesWe are a diverse, inclusive community and respond with flexibility to the challenges of the changing world. We provide opportunities to attract, retain and develop individuals, and we foster a supportive and friendly environment to support staff and students to transform lives.

Education and student experience

We deliver high-quality and distinctive education that transforms lives by providing opportunities to develop students’ skills for life, working in partnership with our student community, and delivering flexible education with clear career pathways.


We carry out research that transforms lives and powers progress.

We stimulate, nurture and grow the potential of students, staff, businesses, and researchers alike, to address some of society’s greatest challenges, while offering engaging research opportunities for staff and students and adapting flexibly to research partnerships.

Global engagement

We are a globally engaged university, transforming lives by providing international opportunities for staff and students, building a diverse community on our campus, and increasing flexible programme delivery for the overseas market.

Our strategy supports an international approach to education, and we have forged strong relationships with partners across the globe. This benefits our students by giving them diverse international experiences that prepare them for global careers, and it has helped us to build a vibrant global community  and outlook, which also benefits our staff and the wider community.


We deliver transformative benefits for the economy and our communities through outstanding expertise in business, innovation and skills. We provide opportunities for students and graduates to pursue entrepreneurship, welcoming businesses to our community in the University Enterprise Zone and offering flexible ways for businesses to work with us.

More about our strategy

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