Our strategy, vision and culture

At the University of Hertfordshire, our vision is to transform lives. This means whatever someone’s background, wherever they’re from, we will drive their potential and power them to succeed. We are committed to having a positive transformational impact on every member of our university community, and to sharing our successes with the community around us.

We’re so inspired that over a third of our students report they are first in their family to attend university. 70.4% of our graduates are in highly skilled jobs within 15 months of finishing their studies‚Äč. And our most recent pulse survey showed that 72% of our staff are proud to work at Herts.

Throughout our 70-year history we have supported a truly diverse range of students, staff, businesses, researchers and members of the local community to identify their goals and reach their highest aspirations, providing a huge range of flexible opportunities to explore—and to soar!

Making our impact felt – across the region and around the world

On Tuesday 16 May, we were proud to launch our Powering Impact report - the first economic impact analysis we have conducted since 2014.

The report demonstrates the considerable role we play within our local community, the region, the country and across the world as an employer, educator, business partner and driver of research for globally significant projects. Collated using the most up-to-date and robust data, the report shines a light on us as an anchor institution; and on our powerful social and economic impact, particularly within the regional ecosystem.

At a time when the world is radically changing, and every day poses new challenges and needs, we are fuelling the ideas, skills, perspectives and solutions to drive progress and help transform Hertfordshire and the wider country's economic, social and cultural future.

We are making an impact — and we are helping everyone whose lives we touch make their own.

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