Powering Impact report

As an anchor institution in Hertfordshire, we play a considerable role within our local community, the region, the country and across the world as an employer, educator, business partner and driver of research for globally significant projects.

Our Powering Impact report, published in May 2023, used the most up-to-date and robust data to shine a light on the University of Hertfordshire’s powerful social and economic impact, particularly within the regional ecosystem. The Impact report evidences how we are transforming lives through career-focused education: creating inspiring learning environments, fostering an international community, boosting regional spending and jobs, filling essential skills gaps, supporting businesses to grow, and building ‘generation start-up’.

We are making an impact – and we are helping you to make yours.

Icon - 730 million

gross value added to the national economy

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UK jobs dependent on us and our activities

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University in the East of England for graduate social mobility

Since our founding in 1952 as Hatfield Technical College, our offering and output has soared. We now host a thriving community of more than 30,000 students from more than 140 countries, 66% of whom are black, Asian and ethnic minority. They study more than 550 career-focused courses at our two accessible Hatfield campuses, College Lane and de Havilland; and over the next decade, we’re investing £242m to further enhance these campus facilities.

We partner with multinational businesses, the public sector and professional bodies to provide relevant work opportunities aligned to the industry. We ensure our students have successful, fulfilling careers that also respond to key skills gaps to support regional and national prosperity.

Our diverse pool of remarkable academics are experts in their fields. They solve major, real-world problems through innovative research, while passionately teaching, supporting, driving and inspiring the next generation of leaders and innovators.

At a time when the world is radically changing, and every day poses new challenges and needs, we have the ideas, skills, perspectives and solutions to drive progress and help transform the economic, social and cultural future of Hertfordshire and the UK.

Chika Madubuko
Chika Madubuko, CEO and founder of Greymate Care, MSc Biotechnology...
Vignesh Velmurugan
Vignesh Velmurugan, Physics, Engineering and Computer Science PhD student...
Sola Adeleke
Sola Adeleke, CEO and founder of Curenetics, supported through our Healthcare Accelerator programme...

Chika Madubuko

Chika Madubuko, CEO and founder of Greymate Care, MSc Biotechnology

“I am using biotech to solve healthcare problems across Africa.”

"After graduating from Herts in 2014, my career spanned three continents and several multinational companies before I launched Greymate Care in my home country of Nigeria. A pioneering AI home-care platform that connects elderly people with professional caregivers, it has been a huge success. Today it's used by thousands of clients and has created jobs for over 1,000 people. We’re now expanding across Africa."


Vignesh Velmurugan

Vignesh Velmurugan, Physics, Engineering and Computer Science PhD student

“I’ve helped design a robotic glove for stroke survivors.”

"Originally from Chennai in India, I applied to study a PhD in medical robotics at Herts to work with Professor Farshid Amirabdollahian, who is internationally renowned for his assistive robotics and human-robot interaction research. Together, we've created the WiGlove; a smart, home-based robotichand and wrist rehabilitation device for stroke survivors, which shows huge potential for real-world impact."


Sola Adeleke

“I am using artificial intelligence to help cancer patients.”

"My medical technology company, Curenetics, was born out of a desire to help patients, particularly those diagnosed with cancer, to receive better, more tailored treatments. I approached the University with my concept in 2021, and worked with them to develop new profiling technology that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to analyse more data about patients than ever before, including patients’ cancer genomic profile, imaging data (scans) and medical history. This is then used to identify the most effective treatment. The University of Hertfordshire has played a crucial role in providing the clinical skills and technical experts to help me work towards achieving my goals."

The data within the Powering Impact report was taken from the University of Hertfordshire Impact Study 2023, compiled by Hatch Urban Solutions, a leading economic and social research consultancy, who specialise in providing robust assessments of economic and social value across a wide range of sectors, including higher education.