Rockets in build

The following rockets are currently being built.


With the destruction of the D-Region Tomahawk, we needed a new rocket as a general-purpose Level1/2 workhorse, and the GP4 was born. Based on 4-inch Quantum tube, the rocket is designed to be resistant to knocks and general wear and tear, and suitable for a wide range of motors up to 38mm diameter.

This does mean that it isn't as light as it could be, though, so 29mm hybrids are probably off the menu. The fins are well clear of the ground on landing, and of course are the through-wall variety. An altimeter bay is fitted for hybrid flights, but composite motors can also be used.

Bad Attitude

Length: 122 inches (10 feet 2 inches, 3.1m)
Diameter: 4 inches
Materials: all glassfibre
Status: nearing completion (est Spring 2009)
Performance: up to 12,000 feet on an M motor
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Scratch-built toothpick for G-I solid and hybrid motors.

Length: 81 inches (2.08m)
Diameter: 2.12 inches (54mm)
Materials: glassed cardboard tubing, ply fins
Status: in repair
Performance: 4500 feet on I-80 hybrid
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Scratch-built minimum-diameter rocket for Pentamx J hybrid, which simulates to almost 10,000 feet and 850 mph). It is based on a 54mm ACME fin can, with 54mm motor tube as the airframe.

Length: 81 inches
Diameter: 2.3 inches (60mm)
Materials: fibreglassed cardboard tubing, pre-built fin can, plastic nose
Status: ready for painting
Performance: predicted 9800 feet on Pentamax J hybrid, speed around 850mph
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Sky Streak

Ray's Level 3 certification rocket, started in early February 2007.

Length: approx 12 feet (3.7m)
Diameter: 7.6 inches (195mm)
Materials: glassed cardboard tubing, glassfibre nose, Fibrelam sandwich fins with hardwood edges
Recovery: dual-deploy using 5-foot drogue and 16-foot TAC-9B main chute
Launch mass: 20kg
Status: approaching completion
Performance: predicted 4200 feet on RATT L600 hybrid, 8000 feet on RATT M900 hybrid
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