Education liaison toolkit

Welcome to your online Education Liaison toolkit, created to provide you with all the information you need to work as an Education Liaison specialist ambassador here at Herts!

The information on this page is intended for students that are already approved ambassadors, who are registered as Education Liaison specialists. For more information, please contact

Expense claims

Expenses may be paid to ambassadors in exceptional circumstances, usually where travelling for an event is required. You may only submit a claim if you have prior approval from the ambassadors team, or the manager of an event you are working at. If you do not have approval, any expense claims will be rejected.

The details below are only for Education Liaison specific events.

With regards to transport to events, unless you are driving, only public transport (ie trains, buses, London TFL, et.) is to be used unless this has explicitly been approved prior to the event by a member of staff. If there are issues with transport, either before or on the day of the event, such as train strikes, please contact the event lead as soon as you are able to or contact the ambassador team.

When submitting expense claims, please be sure to use the below details:

ApproverSarah Bouvier
Budget code101446
Student life at Herts

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HE fair banner assembly information

Use this video for information on how to assemble, and disassemble the HR fair banners.

Looking for general information about being a Herts ambassador, including information about timesheets and Dashboard?