Applied coaching and leadership

  • Information on people, projects and publications from our research database
  • The Sports Studies degree programme is multi-thematic, reflecting the richly diverse research interests and projects within the Sports Studies Research Group.

    Staff and students working in this area have a shared commitment to undertake research which is both soundly underpinned theoretically, and is grounded in the reality of practical implications and real-world applications.

    The main strands of research involve

    • Sports coaching
    • Sports development
    • Sports leadership and management
    • Sociology of sport

    Recent and current projects

    • Learning from Legendary Coaches
    • An exploration of fluctuations in the perceptions of expertise of expert sports coaches
    • Sport pedagogy
    • High performance coaching
    • Women’s sport leadership
    • Outdoor and adventurous activities in higher education
    • Body Compassion intervention to improve body image and the motivation to engage in physical activity in adolescents and young adults


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