Design Research Group

Research theme/s:

The Design Research Group is a multi-disciplinary research unit that explores the possibilities of design, 3D printing, creativity, making, technology, science, business and art through theory and practice.

The Group is composed of a team of emergent and established researchers whose work includes practice and theory in architecture, fashion, product design, film, medical, make, materials and visual communication.

Our mission is to foster a unifying, cross disciplinary approach and work collaboratively both nationally and internationally on a variety of research projects that consider the impact of technology and designer on a wider community.

Research areas

Our main areas of investigations are:

  • manufacturing
  • data and digital design
  • spatial analyses
  • real-time interaction design
  • visual communication
  • the study of the public sphere.
Key projects

Key projects

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DRG research talks

DRG research talks

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Digital Hack Lab

Digital Hack Lab

The Design Research Group's Digital Hack Lab is a cutting edge research project that explores the possibilities of design, 3D printing and additive manufacture...

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In Pursuit of Luxury

In Pursuit of Luxury

IPOL includes publications and the creation of a variety of programmes and initiatives which are delivered to academic, industry and public audiences...

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Zero Carbon Lab

Zero Carbon Lab

Zero Carbon Lab is a unique multidisciplinary research group at the University of Hertfordshire...

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